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Available Now

NEW: Marauder stock Sized with comb at proper height, built in knee riser, and weight removing curves, this shape is both functional for hunting and attractive.
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We create custom gunstocks for airguns.  Replace that severely dropped mass market stock with an ergonomic classic shape!

Finished custom gunstocks from $430!
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Claro walnut blanks available starting at $50!
View blanks priced from $50-$150
View blanks priced from $160-$250
View blanks priced from $260-$350 
View blanks priced from $360-$500
Exhibition blanks

Overseas Orders

Shipping to European destinations via USPS Express Mail seems to be running about $75 USD, breezes through customs, and gets to you super fast!


We do amazing stock repairs.  Stocks that are broken in two we pin back together with milled aluminum joiners and/or steel rods.  Our gunstock repairs are typically invisible and much stronger than original.  Most repairs average $100-$200

Is Your Action Worthy?

On average airgunners seem to feel that a custom stock that costs in the range of the value of the action to twice the value of the action is worth doing.  So for example, if an action that has a value of $600, then a custom stock for it might be worth doing in the range of $600-$1200. 

A FT stock for an action that is worth about $600, with $800 worth of adjustable hardware added on, $200 for a tuner and a $120 spring kit adds up to about $1720 invested in the action means a custom FT stock and all the labor that goes into mounting the hardware that might price out at about $2000 is in the range of acceptability.  

At the low end of the spectrum, a custom stock can't cost less than $430 carving fee + $50 for a piece of wood = $480, so pretty much any action that's retail value is less than ~$500 is probably not worth the investment in a custom stock.  There are of course exceptions.  One can today buy an HW95 for $300 from a particular vendor, but that action actually has higher value, and we all know it.  The HW95 is entirely worthy of a custom stock, in fact demands it because of the child sized simple stock it comes with.

Also, the RWS34 is an affordable action, largely because it comes with a cheap stock.  Many people love the action, and despite it's low investment value, is still worthy of a custom stock.

Fit To Be Held.

  • Rare Beauty
  • Ergonomic
  • Hand Rubbed

Gorgeous Rare Walnut


Spectacular walnut is getting rarer and more expensive.  I travel great distances to several different mills to hand pick through large quantities of wood to find the few beautiful pieces.

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Drop Based on Optic Height


Most airguns come with stocks designed around economics, not ergonomics.

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Quality Oil Finish


Most 'custom' stocks come with a few coats of sprayed PolyUrethane finish.  Who wants all those grain pockets?

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Functional Beauty

Wood Straight From the Mill.



Slow Dried
Hand Picked

Masters We Have To Date :

HW80 Goudy Monte Carlo
HW80 Thumbhole
AA S4xx/5xx Monte Carlo
AA Pro Elite Monte Carlo
HW95 American Classic
HW30 Monte Carlo
HW30 Thumbhole
HW50 Lefty Thumbhole
RWS 34 Right and Left Monte Carlo
RWS 54 ThumbholeTarget Stock
AA S200 Target Stock
Webley Patriot Monte Carlo
FX Cyclone/Webley Spectre Monte Carlo

Pride of Ownership


Discerning gun owners know that the initial investment in a gun is just a starting point.  People add spring kits, different hammers and valves, shrouds and buttoned pistons.  And wood of course.  That's the part we at airgunstocks.com do.  These guns and the stocks they wear will be in the airgun community for generations.  


Make Your Own Master

Want to carve your own creative masterpiece into fancy walnut but are scared to ruin that expensive wood?

Can't cut the complex inletting?

Make your own master like we do, and let us copy it for you!  Start with a factory stock, maybe cut halfway up through the back of the pistol grip so the buttstock hinges with a bit of wood left.  Tilt the buttstock up and glue it in place with shims removing most of it's excessive factory drop.  Smooth the transition with Bondo.  Throw more Bondo on the buttstock and sand it to make the shape you want.  Bondo works real easy!  Give it a try!  When you get it where you want it send it to us and we'll copy your artwork into a nice piece of walnut!

Finally a way for you to express your creative genius without fear!

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Airmax compressor kit

Fix gasket and reed valve issues with the Airmax
Drawings for a head tapped for a filter, larger reed valve plate, gaskets, o-ring list, and more, or purchase a kit of parts:

Examples of Shapes We've Made

Below is a snapshot of shapes we've made.  Click on images below for a bigger image, and find further pictures in the Portfolio galleries.
R1/HW80: Goudy inspired Classic with a roll over comb (it's a blend between a strict Classic shape and a Monte Carlo).
R1/HW80 Thumbhole: 
AA S500/510: Monte Carlo with a roll over comb and appropriate height cheekpiece for the airtube action.
Pro-Elite Monte Carlo: 
R9/HW95: American Classic (no roll over):
R7/HW30: Monte Carlo (with pronounced roll over):
R7/HW30: Thumbhole:
Diana 34 Monte Carlo: 
RWS54 Target Stock: 
Air Arms S200 Target Stock: 
Patriot Monte Carlo: