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I am currently available to duplicate a stock from my master or yours.  Only $300! (+$75 for thumbhole and target stocks).
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Claro walnut blanks available starting at $100!

Incredible Wood

I do not presume to consider myself in the class of preminent carvers that have come and gone in the airgun community.  There are and have been some truly talented artists.  But then, me personally, I don't really like the swoopy curving lines like some kind of 60's psychedelic art.  I like traditional rifle stock shapes the way I've been carving since I was a kid.

I start with a factory stock for it's inleting, bolt holes, and trigger guard opening.  Then I either cut off the buttstock and glue on a chunk of wood and carve it, or use the factory buttstock as the starter and add wood to it.  I might also change the forearm shape by adding wood or bondo to it and re-shaping it, but preserving the factory inletted part.  I create American Classic type shapes and Target type shapes.  

I can provide affordable wood, but also have some truly spectacular wood.  When I go to a mill I might look through four or five hundred blanks looking for something interesting.  Most walnut gunstock blanks are, by far, plain straight grain.  To find an impressive piece of feather is super rare.  I might find one.  Tight fiddleback figure down the entire length and the grain sweeps up through the pistol grip correctly?  Super rare.  I might find two or three like that on a trip.  Checkerboard pattern?  Alternating colors?  Black mineral streaks?  Each rare, I might find one or two.  But those are the pieces I bring back.  On a given trip I might find half a dozen blanks total, but each of them unique and spectacular.

They're not cheap because old growth walnut trees are becoming hard for the mills to find, and the spectaular blanks within those trees is few.  In the last twenty years old growth walnut orchards have been replaced with fast growing, short life, high yield trees and fewer of those old trees capable of producing gun stocks are around.  As well, there is large world wide demand.  


Fit To Be Held.

  • Ergonomic
  • Hand Rubbed
  • Classic

Drop Based on Optic Height


Most airguns come with stocks designed around economics, not ergonomics.

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Quality Oil Finish


Most 'custom' stocks come with a few coats of sprayed PolyUrethane finish.  Who wants all those grain pockets?

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Classic Designs


Whether from walnut or Kevlar, classic shapes are more appealing than swoopy doopy 60's psychedelic art type stocks.  These are after all shooting arms.

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Functional Beauty

Wood Straight From the Mill.



Slow Dried
Hand Picked

Heirloom Quality Finish.



30-40 coats of hand rubbed oil finish.  Fully filled grain pockets. 
In the wood finish, not built up on top of the wood.

Modern Options



Hollow molded Carbon Fiber/Kevlar stocks
Marauder available now, more to come!

Heirloom Quality


Many air gunners who don't have experience with the custom side of the firearm world might have a hard time accepting spending $700 on a pellet gun to begin with, let alone spending another $300 on shrouding it and doing a button and tune job, another hundred bucks on an aftermarket spring kit, and yet more money on a nice piece of wood for it, but a lot of people recognize that the initial investment in a gun is just a starting point.  Certainly the Weirauch actions are worthy in my book.  A $150 Gamo, not so much.  An Airarms, a Weirauch, those are actions worthy of good wood.The stocks I make will be in the airgun community for generations.  


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Masters Currently Available

Below is a snapshot of the masters we currently have on hand to duplicate.  Creation of other masters considered on a case by case basis, and require the donation of a factory stock.
R1/HW80: Goudy inspired Classic with a roll over comb (it's a blend between a strict Classic shape and a Monte Carlo).
R9/HW95: American Classic (no roll over):
RWS54 Target Stock: 
Air Arms S200 Target Stock: 
Patriot Monte Carlo: 

Make Your Own Master

Make your own master for us to duplicate for you!

Want to carve your own creative masterpiece into fancy walnut but are scared to ruin that expensive wood?

Can't cut the complex inletting?

Make your own master like we do!  Start with a factory stock, maybe cut halfway up through the back of the pistol grip so the buttstock hinges with a bit of wood left.  Tilt the buttstock up removing most of it's excessive factory drop.  Glue it in the new position with chunks of wood or Bondo, and smooth the transition with Bondo.  Throw more Bondo on the buttstock and sand it to make the shape you want.  Bondo works real easy!  Give it a try!  When you get it where you want it send it to us and we'll copy your art work into a nice piece of walnut!

Finally a way for you to express your creative genius without fear!

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