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IMG 5149
Separate the action from the wood. Wrap each separately in foam sheet or bubble, and tape the two bundles side by side. Wrap two bands of bubble around the bundle to create the 3" of clearance required by UPS insurance. Tape the bubble into place to retain it's shape. Add two small bundles of bubble wrap to the ends (not pictured).
IMG 5150
Use either a used box or a sheet of cardboard and lay the bundle on the cardboard. Score the cardboard for the first fold line.
IMG 5151
Fold up first side, and score second fold.
IMG 5152
Eyeball perpendicular from top fold and score for third fold.
IMG 5153
Continue scoring and folding box. Here is an original fold of the re-used box. I scored for where I wanted it to fold anyway.
IMG 5154
Continue scoring and folding, then tape box to hold the shape.
IMG 5155
Tape box to hold shape.
IMG 5156
Cut and fold end flaps. Thoroughly tape box. Finally, toss box up in the air 8 to 10 feet away. If you're not scared, you know you packed it good.